Monday, April 27, 2015

Castle Hill-Cave Stream

Thomas and Amy in Cave Stream 

The little Barina gave us a little scare as we attempted to venture out of town, with the clutch cable breaking just as we were heading down Riccarton road. We were very thankful it decided to go then rather than as we were headed over Porters Pass. So we managed to get the car crawling home and reshuffled into Euan and Natalie's Legacy. 

We made it to Cave Stream and had a nice wee 'Devo Stylz' picnic and basked in the beautiful sunshine. We then suited up for the cool cave adventure and headed to the entrance. With only two lights between the four of us, we were breaking the rules, but Euan's dive torch gave plenty illumination, and it was quite fun sometimes clambering around barely being able to see if he shone the light away. The water was cool but beautifully refreshing and we spotted a few eels in the pools. The rock formations inside the cave are just remarkable. Imagining what the cave would be like in a powerful flood is slightly unnerving, but the result of such events create such great natural and hidden beauties.

Thomas at Castle Hill 

After our cave walk, we stopped at Castle Hill and climbed and clambered over the bulbous limestone formations. It was a beautiful day out in the mountains and it was great to see many others people out enjoying the wonders of our beautiful country. 

The gang

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