Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Barina

The myth, the legend- The Barina
A few changes happened around the Christmas holiday, one including some job changes. I left the landscaping business and took a pay cut and an amazing opportunity to work as assistant Brewer at Wigram Brewing Company. No longer having a work car, I was on the lookout for a suitable ride for Amy and I. Looked for five minutes on TradeMe and found our little gem from the 80's. She is a beautiful rusty little thing, true Holden Muscle and brinking on classic status. 

Listed in Rakaia, it was perfect timing that on the day mum and dad were meant to be driving back to Queenstown, they could take a quick detour and drop us off to pick up the car. We didn't have an real plan for getting back to Christchurch if we didn't buy the car, but after a little test drive, a bit of a haggle to get the price down, and some forms filled out, we transferred the previous owner just $1,100 and off we went!! All was perfect! Well, almost as Amy just needed to learn to drive manual!

No trouble holding the windsurfer!

Turned out the car didn't pass its WOF, but with four new tyres, new windscreen wipers, and a trip to the Pick-A-Part yard for a refurbished seat belt, we were in action! We think it was a steal! Mostly its used for drives to the estuary, where it has no trouble fitting the windsurfing gear, and for little scenic drives and driving lessons for Amy. She has been practicing driving every week, and has gotten so confident, shes driven on her own and often suggests being the Designated Driver. Sounds good! 

Thanks Barina for getting us to this view point!

A few weeks back, we went on an epic little Monday night drive around the Port Hills. Heading to Lyttelton, then over to Diamond Harbour and on to Port Levy, Pigeon Bay and finally to the Akaroa Summit road making it to Birdlings Flat just in time for sunset. It was a bit of a foggy night, so we were up in the clouds over the hills and in the breezy bays below, but we were the only car on the road, and it was so peaceful and the views were spot on, as always. 

The Barina hasn't been pushed too hard, but she had been out of commission for a few weeks as the clutch cable broke on the way to Castle Hill. Luckily, we were only in Riccarton when it happened, and we've managed to get it all fixed up for just a few hundred dollars. Shes back in action and running smoother than ever. Now its time for more driving lessons, and more trips to the estuary!

The Barina at Birdlings Flat

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