Friday, April 17, 2015

Queenstown Christmas Extravaganza

Pretty Picturesque Queenstown
It nearly seems a bit silly writing this as most who read our blog were there with us, as we spent a few days over Christmas in the beautiful Queenstown. Obviously missing Charlotte, Mike and the little one or was it ones at that point?! We did have a jolly old time with the family over Christmas and had the inclusion of some McDs for the holiday, McDonnells that is, the only burgers that were eaten were Fergs!

Jacks Point Golf Course
We had the mad big posse so had to split up to fit in all our activities over the four nights we were all in town together. On the first afternoon, the boys- Thomas, John and Papa-Devo headed out for a round of golf and had a good old Devo-Off. I tell ya, I had John worried after the first two holes as I  was in the lead. With his knowledge of the course, he had an obvious advantage and took the win by a few shots. Thomas did take the shot of the day managing to land the ball a good 30 meters behind him after a big tee-shot/rebound off a questionably placed rock. I really enjoyed the course, definitely the most scenic I have played on and a perfect of a day for it. Dad struggled with a few shots, once again complaining about his back. Those shots he played did still smoke us in accuracy, good-on-ya dad.

Family Frisbee
Meanwhile the ladies of Queenstown had ventured off on a boat ride across the lake on the Earnslaw, the 100+ year-old, coal-steam-fired boat, which at the time we could see making its way out across Lake Wakatipu from where we were golfing. They enjoyed the cruise and an ice cream. From the middle of the lake I imagine one would feel quite insignificant, surrounded by the Remarkables, Cecil Peak,  Ben Lomond and the rest.

Tucker Beach Disc Golf Course

The bro-off continued with rounds of Disc Golf at the Queenstown Botanic Gardens and Tucker Beach courses. Some pretty epic disc golf went down. Amy did fantastically and took out the women's competition with two unchallenged victories, and the bros took one win each. John in town and Thomas out on the banks of the Shotover River. 
Christmas Morning
We had the mad chilled Christmas day. Hosted by John and Kel at their lakeside apartment. There was definitely no shortage of food, course after course to the highest caliber. Well done John and all others that contributed. We had a good wee session of presents in the morning, always good to see we're not growing out of that tradition. Mum and Dad played the cheapskate/sensible card and re-gifted us all our possessions that we had ditched on them since leaving home as well as all the remaining family nicknack sort of possessions. Pretty funny really. We had a little knock around of the cricket ball out on the driveway, until Amy played a strong defensive shot to the onside and hit the ball clean on the roof, spoil sport, great shot though. We played some games and had a good old family time really. The family portraits were taken down by the lake with the fair background of the Remarkables. 

As we did everyday while we were in town, Dad, John and myself all jumped in the lake for a bit of a swim around. Was bloody cold, but manageable and refreshing. We pulled out Johns old windsurfing board and gave it a go as a stand up paddle board. It was particularly narrow, so it was very wobbly underfoot. I was able to balance quite well on it and made it out to the middle of the lake, the others were not quite so successful.

On Boxing Day, The Bros, Dad and Amy made a cool afternoon trip up the Remarks to Lake Alta. It was a very familiar spot to us young ones but with an unusual summer twist. Last time I was up Lake Alta we were dropping cliffs and hiking through a foot of powder. Was a bit strange to see the stark opposite landscape. The beautiful water was too temping so I got my naked on and took a cool plunge. Gota bring the steeze, with an epic dive. There was still some snow around, and Amy was excited to make a snowman and have a wee snowball fight, reminding her of Winter Christmas back in the Northern Hemisphere. 


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