Thursday, April 23, 2015

Bealy Spur

Thomas and Euan stopping to take in the view
One Saturday awhile back we headed out for a nice day walk with Natalie and Euan up Bealy Spur on the edge of Arthur's Pass. It was a fantastic day, we just should have brought more water, whoops! My memory failed me and here I was telling everyone it was a chilled little walk. Even though Euan said he read it was 6-8 hours return, I was still convinced it was easy as. 

Bugger me, it took just a bit longer than 3 hours to get to the top and we had consumed all our provisions well before that point. Was bloody nice views from the top though, over the Waimakariri up to Arthur's Pass and to Mt. Rolleston and Crowe Glacier.

Its awesome that just an hours drive and a few hours walk from Christchurch can get you. Against all predictions it took the full three hours to descend too, and it was mad finding the emergency water stored in the boot of the car. Its amazing how satisfying water is when you have been without for even just a few hours!!

Thomas and Amy

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