Saturday, November 10, 2012

"Dear American, thank you" From: The rest of the world

Taken from Obama's facebook page
Yippee, we are all VERY excited here that the election is finally over and that our candidate is back in the oval office for four more years! We're also excited that the campaigning is over, and with it the billion dollar campaign ads on TV, which got more and more ridiculous as the pressure increased.

It was quite an important/interesting time to be in America, and although I voted early and did not have to wait for 6 hours at the poles Tuesday Nov. 6th, I did have to anxiously sit in front of the TV all day watching the votes come in on the hour from various states around the nation, and watch the "ROAD  TO 270."

There were a few times when Romney was in the lead and I would text my mom while she was at the Democratic Headquarters in Stamford, where she was making phone calls and just being very dedicated to helping get Obama re-elected, and she'd calm me down. But we ended the night in celebration with an election party, a bottle of champagne and two growlers of beer.

Photo of the TV

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