Saturday, November 24, 2012

An afternoon snowshoeing

About a week ago we had a good dump of snow here, but with Beaver Creek still not open, we decided to hike up and take advantage of some of the fresh snow. My friend Chris, his friend Jackie and I headed up late in the afternoon with myself snowshoeing and the others telemark cross-country skiing up. We made it most of the way to the top of the front mountain with the sun just setting and temperatures dropping. Surrounded by freshly cover peaks, the beautiful purple sunset and being the only people up the mountain looking down at all below, it was a nice point to have reached. So we quickly drank a beer and bolted down the hill. The snow coverage was excellent in some spots and thin in others, but was probably some of the driest, softest and deepest powder I have ridden in. We laid out the first tracks and it was so good infact that Phil and I headed up again the following day.

Snowshoeing up Strawberry Park, Beaver Creek

The top of my first snowshoeing adventure

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