Friday, November 2, 2012

Banana Gangsta on the Ribbon of Death

Phil has named me the "Bananna Gangsta" due to my wardrobe
A few weeks ago Phil and I headed out for our first day riding of the season. Tagged the "ribbon of death" because there is only one run open of man made snow and there can often be crowds with excessive excitement to be back out on the snow. No incidents to report of here though. We had a good bunch of runs, the snow was quite good actually, some features were set up in the terrain park and only a few spills occurred on weary edges after a year out! This is only the beginning of of big season of snowboarding.

"Ribbon of Death"


  1. did you buy new goggles, or scabbed them off Phil???

  2. They're Phils, I'm so keen to get the Smith Optics IOX, check them out they are huge!!! I got a big baggy Neff beanie too!!! Gota look the part up here.