Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Cruising in a snowcat

At the base of Beaver Creek with the snow guns and snowcat in action.
So I had a fun ride in a Beaver Creek snowcat the other day when Amy and I were just up at the resort sorting out work and stuff. We got up there a bit early, so had a walk around and were surprised to see  the runs had transformed from patchy white to a complete snow surface almost overnight. This was  completely due to the work of the snowcats and man made snowmaking. We sat and watched the snowcat for awhile, and eventually the friendly operator stopped his machine and waved us over! I bolted at the chance and climbed into the passengers seat for an hour and pushed around huge piles of snow creating the perfect Beaver Creek skiing surface. This was one impressive machine! A pile of snow the size of the snowcat itself was no issue at all, it really got the job done and with a nice sound system, the hip-hop really set the mountain vibe.

Totally stoked taking a ride.

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