Wednesday, September 9, 2015

G'Day Australia

The Devos enjoying the view on the Sunshine Coast
Thinking that we were likely going to be heading back off to the Northern Hemisphere very soon, we figured we might as well pop over the ditch and say G'day to the parents and have a little escape from winter for a week in August. It also nearly turned into a bit of a scouting trip, as we had some bad news about my U.S visa application, and we decided we might just move to Australia instead if the U.S was going to keep the doors closed for me. It didn't come to that in the end, but it sure showed us what a nice, casual, Aussie beach lifestyle could have been like. 
Kings Beach
We ducked off from Christchurch on the coolest of NZ winter mornings and happily strode off the plane in Coolangatta around lunchtime to a day that could only be described as perfect. We were staying for a few nights in Kings Beach on the Sunshine Coast and were welcomed with the news that the place was so nice that Mum and Dad had extended our stay. It was just paradise. A beautiful apartment overlooking the beach and park. It was so quiet and peaceful being the off season, but the sun was still warm and the water perfectly refreshing. 

Our days were filled with walking, swimming in the beach, pool and spa, lounging in the sun and me and my dad endlessly kicking and passing the rugby ball back and forth. There is something about being at the beach that makes me just want to sprint, jump, run, kick, dive, swim and generally act like a kid. This quickly led to my ball being stuck high in a tree. I was clambering high up a Norfolk Pine to retrieve my ball, only just realising I was very high and then had to get back down too! All good though.

With two nights in Brisbane in between our beach holidays, we met up with our old flatmate B-rain. We spent the day at the modern art gallery, listing to a free concert on the bank of the Brisbane river, eating the incredible 'craft' burgers of the town and following that with a few beers at a couple of my Dad's favourite craft breweries. 

After brunch up Mt Cootha
Before heading back off to the beach again, we went to table tennis, which is my father's athletic endeavor, one which he can proudly boast that he is still far superior at than his son. We played the rotational tournament and I claimed a few wins, but in the father-son match-up, even with his 40 point handicap, I still didn't stand a chance. Off to Surfers Paradise, a place we holidayed at as a family many times before. Being far more developed compared to the Sunshine Coast, its a bit more image driven here, however the endless golden sand beaches and more powerful surf suited me fine. 

Daddy Devo getting the better of his son.
It was nearly a story or the same old scenario as the Sunshine Coast, beach activities, exploration and good food, drink and company. This time we were based at the Main Beach Holiday Park. There were some angry Plover birds protecting their babies, but once they were shepherded away there was some nice grassy areas to practice AcroYoga. I just can't get enough of this beach lifestyle, especially in the middle of winter.

We took a drive to Burleigh Heads and had a good wander round the headland National Park, with remarkable views back toward the Surfers Paradise skyline. We stopped into Burleigh Brewing and later back in Main Beach we found a nice happy hour to enjoy some beers before some great Indian food for dinner, always worthy of a mention. 

A big thank you to Mum and Dad for spending the week with us and organising an awesome trip. The time we spend together is always entertaining! 

Burleigh Heads looking North to Surfers Paradise.

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