Sunday, August 23, 2015

Queenstown Again.....

Driving South, Sunset over Lake Pukaki
Sneaking off for a long weekend to chill with the Q-Town Devos, we had a stunning sunset drive south across the Canterbury Plains and into the Southern Alps. There simply is no driving experience that can beat deserted roads with a stunning sunset cascading an array of colors across snow capped mountains while driving in a little 1980's hatchback. En route we stopped about the top of Lindis Pass and lay on the bonnet of the car for warmth, spotting shooting stars. Making good time and even better fuel economy, we made it to the Big-Q in time for a few beers and yarns. A perfect cap to a days work and an afternoon of leisure travel. 

The Barina at Lake Pukaki

To be honest, it was a pretty standard trip, nothing out of the ordinary really! It is just the same old Queenstown after all, like how many times have we been there done that sorta scenario. We played a few games of frisbee golf, the Queenstown course and Tucker Beach course right on the bank of the Shotover River. We drank some beers that I had brought from Christchurch and a pint or two from others in Arrowtown at the Fork and Tap. We sat through the release of a new mountain biking film, even though it was still winter, ugh, and had burgers and beer. Gosh, we had a free concert for the start of Winter Fest featuring Ladi 6 and Parks, but umm I have seen them already! Big-Brekkie at Red Rock, yeah foods okay, and I haven't even mentioned the cold, you went up into the mountains and there was snow everywhere. 

So picture this, we were up there in the mountains, at the Remarkables, which I know like the back of my hand so, same old same old. Except there was a new lift, so I had to put in some effort and learn some new runs and terrain. Some of it was really steep and challenging with rocks, drops and kickers. As well there was fresh snow, FML. I remember doing a run called elevator, it drops down the side country and you have to walk for a few minutes to access it, like really! And then get this, you do the run, and yeah its okay I guess but, the snow was so deep. What a pain, each time you turned it would spray up and get you in the face. So it was just sorta like that for the day. Then the following night we went to Coronet Peak, at night! So for an hour we were limited to only one lift while they groomed the main trails, the views were pretty cool with the sun setting over Lake Wakatipu, but I could have looked that up online from home! Then the other lifts opened up and it was totally dark, except for the lights I guess. Do I need to say anymore?

Thomas, Amy, John and Kel at the Winter Games opening. 

Just another boring trip to Queenstown ay? I'd take it any day!!!!

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