Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Early Season at the top of porters, looking back to Christchurch.
Having just returned from a good European Summer, we jumped right back into winter. And a good winter it was turning out to be right across the mountains in New Zealand. We had season passes for Porters Ski Field just an hour and twenty minutes drive from our house, with plans for a big season. 

Thanks for getting us up the mountain Barina
With our trusty Barina to get us safely to the mountain everyday, we made it up about 15 times over the season. Employing some $10 chains that required a bit of Kiwi ingenuity to recommission, we made it to the mountain no matter what the weather threw at us. 

Thomas doing what he loves.
Trying to make the most of the good conditions, I was able to explore and search out some interesting and heart palpitating features. My particular favorite being the tablet rock at the summit.  Over a few beers after riding one day, I decided would be perfect for a 'rock bonk front flip', worth an attempt at least. I also searched out a few nice drops allowing myself to get airborne, making up for the disappointing jumps in the park this season.

First time ever going inverted.
It was a real escape being able to just leave the city and free the body and soul for a day or so every week. We also often broke up our work weeks and took a day out on the slopes that really kept life nice and balanced. Despite the heavy snow falls in the mountains, the winter was still fairly manageable in town. Lighting the fire up each night and having a few beers made for a pretty casual 'cold and miserable winter' -  Yeah Right!

Thomas and Amy with the mountains to themselves

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