Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Kettletown State Park

iSup on Lake Zoar.
Jumping away for a quick overnight camping trip to Kettletown State Park was one of the most bizarre experiences we have had.  Maybe more so for me, but even it was somewhat of an experience for Amy as well. In early July we decided to go camping to get away from our busy lives in Stamford. We wanted to find the closet place we could camp, with access to some form of water where we could paddle board. We discovered Kettletown State Park online. This place, just one hour drive from Stamford, Connecticut, was in complete stark contrast to the busy, hustle and bustle urban density that we experienced day to day while living in Stamford. We made the most of our 24 hours off work and enjoyed a bit of peace and serenity, wild weather and some amazing paddle boarding.  

Bush walk, through some dramatic Connecticut scenery.
We wanted to make the most of our time at Kettletown, so we quickly packed the car, got some food and headed off, not paying much attention to the weather report. Maybe we should have, but all that would have made us do is potentially not go. So being ignorant worked out for us, and we soon arrived to a deserted lovely lush and green forested camping ground. Turns out its mostly a family weekend spot, perfect for us as it was Monday. As soon as we arrived, we went on a couple of short hour or so long bush walks, on the deathly humid and overcast day through some beautiful, rocky, forested hills. Once we were allowed to check in, we set up camp before a short rain shower came through. 

SUP yoga
Only to be followed by beautiful sunshine, perfect for Amy to sit and read by the lake edge and for myself to go out and explore on my paddle board. Lake Zoar is a long and narrow man made lake formed within a flooded valley. The water was black with forest lapping right to the shore. I observed  a beautiful mother and baby deer drinking at the lakeside, numerous birds and the drifting misty clouds and humidity produced awe inspiring effects looking off into the distance up the lake and over the rolling hills. 

After really enjoying the sunshine, the weather took a turn. We ran back and quickly dashed into our tent to escape the rain. The rain came down with such force it nearly washed us and our tent away. We were surrounded by about 10cm of water almost instantly, and our $20 wal-mart tent's waterproofness was severely tested, it did ok considering. Only at one point did we unzip the tent quickly to take a look at the rain-made lake that surrounded us. The rain let up only slightly, and we cuddled together in the middle of the tent to keep from getting wet from the drips of water running down the seams and soaking our air mattress.  Somehow we made it through the night with the roar of thunder and the peaceful pitter patter of rain in the forest.  We woke early, hit the lake again quickly, with even Amy having a paddle around, packed up camp and made it back to Stamford for us both to go to work at 11am.

A fantastic escape just an hour from home.

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  1. Oh dear, well it mostly looked lovely, just a bit of a pity about all the rain!