Monday, October 27, 2014

'Glamping' in Narragansett

Amy tending to our dinner in our glamorous campsite!

Corn on the cob in the fire

We had planned on returning back to Narragansett all summer and we were very lucky to sneak in a reservation for Fisherman State Park campground due to a concidential late cancellation. We really made the most of our time and enjoyed some good quality glamorous camping. We came prepared with chairs, firewood, sheets, blankets and pillows galore, marshmallows and plenty of food and snacks. Maybe this still doesn't sound that glamorous, but it is for us!

We set up camp and were greeted with the "hello neighbor" from the older couple in the campsite next to us. Just a short walk from the campground was a beach, so we headed for an afternoon swim and a good lounge there. Later that afternoon I also boosted off for a quick paddle board around an inlet backing onto the state park. A good breeze and some currents made for a strenuous hour and a half workout on the water. No problems, I was back just before dark to make us a delicious campstove dinner including roasted corn on the cob cooked directly in the fire.

Rising early is never a problem when camping, so off we were early to get to Narragansett Beach before 9am when the entrances to the beach get manned by teenage locals charging beach goers a fairly steep entrance fee. We set up a good wee beach site there with the SUP, surfboard and chilly bin containing lunch.

Thomas catching some "waves"
It was a beautiful day with some small waves and moderate temperatured water. We had a blast soaking up the sun, getting some waves and I even mannaged to break my fin on the micro waves. For me it was the perfect day, I just played in the water, then back up in the sand, then back to the water, back and forth all day. Amy did some good relaxing and had a bit of a splash around in the water too, one time with us both in the water we looked back at our stuff on the beach to see a seagull dragging Amy's notebook off along the beach. She managed to chase the bird a little bit, and get him to drop the book!

Feeling like we had our fair share of sun for the day, we posted ourselves up at a local pub and had ourselves a few $10 pitchers of Narragansett Summer Ale. And back for another chilled evening by the fire.


The morning before making the three or so hour journey back to Stamford, we went down to the Point Judith Lighthouse. We also stopped into the old seaport town of Mystic, CT. The two days away was exactly what we wanted and needed really, just a little quick, easy and cheap getaway from our somewhat busy little lives. No computers, phones, television and nothing to worry about. Its unfortunate we only got away the two times camping over summer but none the less we did get away and did well on our two little vacations. I can't wait to return another time and get back into our little tent again.

Enjoying our mini holiday

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  1. Love that pink dress Amy, you look gorgeous, as usual!