Monday, October 27, 2014

A Summer Engagement Party

Well, we'd been engaged for a few months, so according to my mother, it was time for an engagement party. We just wanted to have a casual backyard BBQ with our local friends and family. So my parents, Thomas and I picked a date and invited the guests! We had about 40 people, mostly my aunts and uncles and cousins, and a few of our Stamford friends were invited too. Thomas invited some co-workers from Cask Republic, and we had an afternoon of drinking, eating and playing games in my parent's backyard.

Amy and her ladies
We were so fortunate that some of my friends came from out of town in order to join us in this special occasion, and that Thomas' new friends could come and celebrate with us as well. The keg of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale that Thomas provided, probably made a difference! It lasted into the wee hours, along with the home made sangria and the full bottle selection. 

 Later in the evening we cut into our cake, and had some fun popping the corks on some champagne bottles and celebrating.

Thomas making a scene, as always!
This evening was absolutely fabulous. We're so happy, enjoying our engagement and are grateful for everyone who came to the party and those around the world who have been showing their love for us. We received heaps of cards and some very generous gifts as well. During our party, my sister Nicole bought us Mr. and Mrs. pint glasses (very appropriate) and my Aunt Debbie and Uncle Alan got us a pair of incredible Swarovski Crystal champagne flutes (maybe not conducive to our current lifestyle, but one day!). We got a few more bits and bobs for our nonexistent house, but sometime in the future we'll be able to decorate! The Sierpinas sure do take their parties seriously and full credit to my parents for orchestrating a flawless event allowing Thomas and I to enjoy the company of our North American family and friends. 

Cheers to the future Mr. and Mrs. Deverson

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  1. Sorry I'm so far behind in reading you blog! But I'm so glad to be getting caught up!!