Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Splendido at the Chateau

Quite a few months ago now, Amy and I were treated to a fantastic dinning experience at the ritzy Beaver Creek restaurant, Splendido at the Chateau. A great gift idea from the Australian Deverson family. A $200 vouchers saw us through a full four course dinner and it was the best either of us have ever experienced. It was a gloriously upscale place with a live piano player in the bar, formal service and topped with snowflakes falling outside our window side table. 

We each enjoyed a local beer and enjoyed some bread, butter, olives and some crazy long cheese cracker type things to start. I quickly became worried I was going to be full as I refused to leave any of the bread uneaten, only for it then to be refilled!

Pork Belly
As our entrees, which in America actually means your main dish, but not as I write here. I had a lobster bisque and Amy had the pork belly. My soup was delicious and to my surprise a fantastic portion which I end up leaving a few drops to ensure room for my remaining courses. Amy's pork belly was succulent, crisp but tender, beautifully presented and delectable to eat. 

Our mains raised the bar even further with myself enjoying some beautiful cuts of Rockey Mountain Rainbow Trout around spinach and mushrooms with a creamy sauce with trout rue. The bright orange eggs were a first for me and added a nice texture and burst of flavour. Along with a side of the crispiest and fanciest potatoes ever. Amy had a huge cut of the most amazing New York strip steak, but the bone marrow on the side was too much for Amy, but I enjoyed trying the unique and surly healthy side, after all it does make all the good stuff to keep us healthy and all.

 We were really going all out and had just enough room for a small desert each, but with their small size represented no shortage or flavour, texture and presentation. Amy had a set of lemon sorbet, mousse and jelly, where I had a rich, smooth and gratefully small portion of chocolate cake/mousse with sorbet, nuts and tiny meringues. Best meal of our life, and a fantastic evening all thanks to our amazing family down under. A million thanks!

What a beautiful young couple. All in love and junk!!!

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  1. So glad to finally get the full account of what does sound like an amazing dinner. I'm eating my lunch as we speak and just the thought of all that food is making me feel so full!