Friday, March 29, 2013

Winter X Games: Aspen

With  the gathering of the best snowboarders and skiiers from around the world competing in all manor of events: -half pipe, big air, slopestyle as well as snowmobiling events it really was a no brainier that we should make the trip back out to Aspen and hang out in the snow watch the pros do their thing. Amy and myself along with our friends Phil and Matt grabbed a hotel room in Gleenwood Springs a wee ways down the road from Aspen. As Aspen doesn't necessarily cater for such budget accommodation that we were looking for, and with a bus running to the games meant we could get around and have a couple of beers along the way. 
Half pipe to the left and big air landing to the right.
Big air skier

We saw three days worth of the free event, paying particular attention to the Big Air snowboarders who preform the most amazing tricks involving 4 spins 2 to 3 flips and throw in some grabs along with making the landing. It is surprising only one riders was taken away on a stretcher! The games had a fantastic atmosphere being part of the 40,000 people in attendance each day, but the strict alcohol ban didn't prevent us smuggling in a couple of cans a beer to stay warm and cheerful. 

Everyone having standing issues

The biggest problem for at least myself during the event was standing on the packed snow surface. Safely standing was enough of a problem made worse when we would try move about. My excuse is that my poor old pair of shoes have endured a tough life and with zero grip left on the bottom made worse by being worn to work in the tech shop and subsequently picking up and fantastic waxed surface any snowboards base would dream of. Point of my story, I fell often.

We headed into Aspen town itself on the Saturday night and got a good feel of the idyllic resort town in full swing. We frequented a few local drinking establishments and headed back on an adventure of a bus ride early in the morning that accidentally went a bit long that we anticipated. Noticing the bus was quiet empty we queried the bus driver as to when was our stop to find out we had missed it. His directions were to get off at the next stop and walk down the road. Whoops. Turns out the weather  also decided to get warm and the snow storm from Aspen now at our lower elevation turned into rain. It really felt like a long 2.3miles at 1am in the morning!

"Aspen, where the beer flows like wine"


  1. time for some new shoes eh bro???

  2. A pretty decent slope style skier is a girl I taught called Katie Summerhayes. She was 4th in the recent X games event in Tignes, France and is hoping to do well in the Olympics. I managed one week skiing this year and it's great, but to be able to do it all the time and be that good would be awesome!

  3. I know enough to know this is a really big event. Great to take in an X-games; like me being able to watch a Grand National or a FA Cup Final.
    A blog soon on the beer comp success? I've read the paper piece Margaret pointed me to - Congrats Thomas, great effort. All the best.
    Malcolm (on Carolyn's LogIn)