Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A visit from the Connecticutters

Thomas, Amy, Alex, Zach, Nicole and Tom at BC

When I went home for Christmas this year, I tried to talk my family members into coming out to Colorado to visit us. I talked everybody's ear off about how awesome Beaver Creek is and how being an employee there I can get crazy deals on everything. I exaggerated a bit and said I got lift tickets to give away but instead I had $50 tickets, originally $129 for a days pass, that I got discounts on the shuttle from the airport to the mountains, a complete lie and how I could get them rooms at the hotel that I work out, bit of a lie also, and that Thomas could get everyone free rentals, which he did. But in the end it worked, and to my surprise a bunch of my cousins and siblings came out during the busiest time of our season: Spring Break. 

Amy, Jodi, James and AJ

My cousin Jodi, her boyfriend AJ, and AJ's sister Tina and her boyfriend James came first on Thursday March 7th. They opted to stay in this amazing condo. We took advantage of that and crashed in their loft a few times. We got them rentals and passes then headed up the mountain. We defiantly had fun drinking and riding with them. 

My sister Nicole, her husband Tom and our cousins Alex and Zach were scheduled to arrive into Denver at midnight on Friday. A massive snowstorm was expected for that night, and while Thomas and the boys were dancing out on Jodi's balcony in the snow, I was anxious that the 3 hour drive over the Vail Pass was going to be treacherous for my family. It took them nearly 5 hours, but they got here in one piece! But most importantly Beaver Creek got dumped on! 

Nicole skiing at the top of the mountain
The newly arrived family had a serious sleep in while Thomas and Matt had been out on the mountain for several hours already riding the best powder of the season at that point.  Thomas had some exciting and dramatic videos Matt filmed on his iphone of him jumping off cliffs into billows of powder to show everyone to get them amped for some riding. So a late start it was once equipment and lunch were sorted. Tom and my cousins have skied before, so Thomas took off with them to show them some more adventrous terrain, and I instead decided to try to teach my sister Nicole how to ski. Neither of us had skied in legitamitely 20 years, when we had a horrible experience with our family in Vermont, but I figured, I spend enough days at Ski School working with the 3-6 year olds, and if the 3 year olds can ski, then Nicole can, and I'm sure I could teach her. It sort of worked, and I was impressed at how awesome she was! After one practice run on the bunny slope, we headed straight to the very top of the mountain! 


 Not wanting to ski again on Sunday, Nicole and I opted to try snowshoeing! We headed for the  Nordic Center in the village and took the chairlift to the snowshoe trails. The guy at the rental shop gave us a map, and showed us a two mile route to walk to the "best views ever." Once we were up there, we started walking, wasted much time taking pictures and playing the snow, and then decided we'd rather walk over to a lodge to get a drink. Sounded better to us! 
Can't beat an awesome view and a drink!! 
 We showed my family around to our favorite spots and our favorite bars, and on Sunday I brought them into Vail at night. Although everything was closed, we did get to see the streets lit up with lights and alive with tourists, and while we were gone, Thomas stoked a fire, and had made us a fantastic dinner which was awaiting us when we got home. Everyone kept saying that we need to make a family trip to Beaver Creek a annual tradition, but Alex also did ask if Thomas and I could move to the Italian Alps next year so he could come visit! We'll see! 

Love my family and Beaver Creek

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