Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Our Narragansett Holiday

Lounging at Narragansett beach
About a week after our beach holiday in LBI, Thomas and I decided it was about time for another holiday! We soon got sick of being back in CT, and really wanted to go surfing again. Thomas had been to Narragansett beach with John and Kel, and decided that we should take two days there in Rhode Island, just the two of us! It had been quite some time since the two of us had some alone time, and so we packed up all the camping gear we collected during our road trip, and our surfing gear and off we were. We drove two hours on the southern coast of CT, and opted to get off the interstate for the last hour and passed some adorable historic coastal towns, and eventually got to our destination. We decided to do this trip "road trip" styles, meaning we'd go to the grocery store, make our own meals and camp in a state park. So the first thing on the agenda was to get some lunch supplies, and in typical "Thomas styles", we sat on a stone ledge right by the beach, and made yummy sandwiches, some kiwi chippy sandwiches too!

Just like Thomas, John and Kel had to do, we had to nonchalantly jump over the stone ledge and get onto the beach, avoiding the entrance fee into the beach. We managed to do this quite well, with our surfboard too! Unfortunately the waves were quite small, just 1-2ft, so Thomas went out just once for a quick ride, but then let me surf for the rest of the afternoon! The waves weren't the best for me either, but I still enjoyed myself a lot! The water was gorgeous and warm, but the seaweed was a little much!

Home for the night
We spent all day at the beach, but finally decided to drive to our camp ground. We found our site, pitched our tent, and unlike the many cold, uncomfortable nights on our road trip, I made sure we brought pillows and numerous blankets with us, and boy was it luxurious!

We only had one night there in Narragansett, so we opted to drive to the port where the ferry to Block Island is located and walk around the little town there. It wasn't much of a town, with maybe one bar/restaurant, and two souvenir stores, so we ended up walking along the beach for quite some time. Eventually we got to the Point Judith Lighthouse, right at sunset. We watched surfers catching some amazing waves, right onto the rocks and saw and built some cairns right on the beach (my favorite thing to do!) all the while listening to the obnoxiously loud foghorn that kept going off!

 We spent the next day at the beach, played in the waves, and left around noon to head home. We wanted to leave early and stop at other beaches on our way home. We stopped at the well known Misquamicut beach. We found ourselves on a private beach, and walked up the beach past gorgeous beach homes and private clubs for about an hour and a half! Thomas made sure to let me know how lucky I am to have a boyfriend who enjoys long walks on the beach!

Thomas and Amy enjoying the Rhode Island sunset


  1. He does enjoy long walks on the beach Amy. And sitting watching the sunset too. What more could a girl ask for!

    Love Margaret

  2. Narragansette? It that the town of one of the tribes that took on early New England settlers? Rings a bell from the book "Plymouth Pilgrims: a Voyage to War" which I read earlier this year. A charge to go on the beach?!? Malcolm