Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Off to the mountains

The picturesque town of Avon, Colorado
So after the summer that never seemed to end, I thought it was time to change it up and get some real winter action lined up. After a wee bit of planning, that being booking a flight and telling my friend to collect me from the airport, here I am. Avon, Colorado is now my home! I am deep in the Rocky Mountains, Eagle County, which is ski and snowboarding heaven. There is also heaps happening round here during summer but it's just starting to transition into its winter wonderland mode. We have been getting dustings of snow on the high peaks, progressively getting lower and lower and the ski fields are snowmaking too. The temperature my first weeks were of warm days and cool nights but now are at freezing mornings, mild days and very cold nights.

I have come out by myself, as Amy picked up some wok relief teaching in Stamford, but she'll be out here mid October. It's been tough being apart, but has allowd me to get all setup out here and settled into work and the lifestyle. I have worked all sort of jobs already since being out here, but found a position with a landscaping company, where I'm working real 40 hour weeks! I'm currently sub letting a huge room in an appartmnt till the end of the month with some young, fun and friendly people.
Keona and I after a few hours walking in the Rockies
So the plan is to get jobs working on the mountain with the Vail Resorts Group. This will entitle us to season passes for all Vail ski fields of which there are five within 45 mins of here. The closest being Beaver Creek, which you can take the 10 min shuttle up the road from town to get to the base. Vail is just down the road along with A-basin, Keystone and Breckinridge just a bit further away again.
My little town of Avon is a beautiful wee spot, population of 8,000, set amongst Spruce and Aspen covered mountains. There's a picturesque river running through town and there are heaps of walking and cycling paths. I skate, walk or Bike everywhere, and its good. Now the biggest thing about being out here is actually being up here. Avon sits at 2,265 meters elevation and everything else is up even further, eg the top of vail ski field is at 3,530 meters. This was a bit of a challenge to get used to, I was breathless, was always dehydrated and had wicked headaches. Took about a week to sort that out but now its all good, but you still notice the thin air when being active.

Holy Cross City abandoned minning town

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  1. It does look like a lovely spot Thomas, that altitude sickness sounds rough though.