Friday, October 26, 2012

I'm really in the mountians!

So I am really loving living out here in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. On a nice day I can look out my window to clouds rolling behind the mountains right behind my place or on a cold, miserable day, look out to see a new dusting of snow just off up in the hills. My room has windows on three sides, and a balcony, so just they just get soaked with sun or rain drops and soon they may pile full with snow!!!!

So like usual I try keep busy, and I have been brewing beer as usual, feeding myself well with some good organic meals and I have started some woodworking projects too. I scrounged some small logs and bought myself some basic tools of a hand saw, hammer and chisels and am attempting to knock together some alpine style log furniture, and its coming together well.

2012 logoLast weekend Phil and I went out to the Redcliff Mountain Man Competition. Phil was actually competing, as he was writing an article for the magazine he works for about competition. Events included: axe throwing, keg tossing, bow shooting, wood cutting and the sorts. Having a wild mountain man beard just added to your credibility. Therefore with my straggly months growth I had no credibility whatsoever! Located in a small town not to far from here, there were over a hundred people competing and heaps more spectators, all squeezed into the car park of the town's pub. It was such a good vibe, everyone was really friendly and cheerful. 

So keeping with the mountain theme, on Monday at work, the boss yells over to me "Hey Thomas, look up there on the path", and what had wandered its way into the work site? A huge male moose! Startled at the sight of the beast, I scampered back as I wasn't totally comfortable being 10 meters away from such a massive wild animal. He was not at all bothered by us or of the construction of the new Vail gondola, and he casually just stepped over a 1.5 meter fence and headed for the site gate and off up the mountain! What a animal, giant paddle antlers with the most shiny beautiful black coat.

So it seems I have really found myself out in the mountains, just what I wanted!
Unfortunately this is not the moose is saw but just in case you
 didn't know what one looked like, they looked just like this!

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