Saturday, September 7, 2013

Lake Erie

Matt, Sarah, Sedg, Thomas and Amy with a sunset over Lake Erie.
Shortly before we were headed off from America, we had one little trip left. We headed off to stay for a few days with our new friend Sedg at his family's beautiful lake side home at the Great Lake of Lake Erie, in Pennsylvania. He is a long time friend of Matt and had come out to Colorado to visit during the winter. This was just the most epic way of leaving America and saying goodbye to our friends. In total it was Sedg, Matt and Sarah, Amy and I along with Sedg's parents, Gordon and Lida. 

It was a good wee drive away from Stamford, so we bravely set of at 4 am to get the most out of our time.  Amy had a nice sleep while I drove, but that's ok as it was so nice to see the sun rise across New York State while driving across deserted highways. The weather was beautiful but still early in spring, so there was a chill in the air. Luckily, with the spa sitting perched above the lake, we had no trouble enjoying the view and keeping warm.
We visited a local museum in town, ventured out to Pesquale Isle, a small peninsula jutting out into the lake with lovely beaches and a old lighthouse and stopped to talk to the local brewer at the brew pub Brewerie. I was super stoked to finally have a go on a SUP, stand up paddle board, and I did pretty well with balance but a stiff wind made for tough paddling. I did do better than Sarah though who got completely swept away and I had to swim out after her and rescue her. We were well fed by Mr. Sedgwick who cooked us a fish fry of perch caught by himself, Mrs.  Sedgwick kept the girl's glasses filled with margaritas, and the beer glasses were never empty as we got a nice New York brewed Pale Ale for the 20 liter in-house kegerator system.

One thing which I cannot disclose too much information about is Sedg's uncle Lee. A known attraction of the area is his mysterious garage, and thats all I can say. We spent some time at Uncle Lee's house,  and he showed us his collection of kites and then took us outside and showed us how to make the most amazing bubbles. Words can't even describe the evening at Uncle Lee's, but it was definitely eccentric and unique. The only way to find out more is to experience it for yourself! 

Not a bad place to sit and watch the sunset

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  1. Super story. The spa is always a winner with me. Elliott would f***ing love those bubbles!