Friday, September 27, 2013


Atop Calton Hill looking back at old town Edinburgh

It was a quick flight over to Edinburgh, and straight onto a double decker bus and just like that we were in a different world. This still even amazes me in Europe. For us, especially Amy having not been there before, it was just brilliant that we were able to experience so many vastly different places and people with the relative ease possible across Europe.

Taxis on the Royal Mile
Steak & Ale pie with some pints

We had a perfect few days in Edinburgh, taking in all that the old city of 'Dunedin' (Dùn Èideann in Scottish Gaelic) had to offer. The romantic styling of such a medieval and historic city was the perfect way to arrive in Great Britain. We again took the free walking tour, which opened up a world of history of hangings, wars, Kings and Queens and the such of which medieval folk used to indulge. We had made it a big goal to get out to some good pubs and get involved in some traditional cask ales. We even went for a half pint during our tour, and a full pint afterwards with our Aussie tour guide. Lunch, afternoon and evening we were wetting our whistles but unfortunately I was a little disappointed. I just never found any big tasty pale ales or IPAs that I had expected out of the home of the ale. Amy was also a bit bummed as the British don't seem to be making much of her favorite style, wheat beer. I still appreciated that all bars stocked at least one hand pull, and I did love the well temperatured, lowly carbonated, be it mild, ales.

An unexpected stunner of a day followed a foggy morning. We did a little shopping and after a lunch time ale or two headed for the botanic gardens. It was so beautifully sunny and sheltered that we took a nice rest in the sun along with half the population of Edinburgh, not surprising with the unreliability of Scottish weather.

Rose Street
After falling completely asleep for an hour and a half we walked around the old town further, took in good views of Edinburgh Castle and the Queen's Scottish residence: the Palace of Holyroodhouse from the Calton Hill and headed for a backpackers style dinner, involving an assortment of 'reduced for quick sale' items from Tesco supermarket. That evening, pushing our daylight hours to the max, we walked up the hill of Arthur's Seat. Just out of the old town center down the Royal Mile. It's a steep walk, but with a gorgeous overlook across the city, perfect for a late evening sunset, but with very brisk wind at the top!!. 

Atop Arthur's Seat

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