Sunday, August 19, 2012

Kansas & Missouri

This is Kansas
 Heading off from Denver we had a big day ahead of us. 1000km of driving on I-70 for the day, pretty much skipping Kansas other than than rolling our tyres across the whole thing and the odd toilet break. Ten hours of driving in all, pretty memorizing when there are no corners and many lanes while traveling at 70mph on cruise control. Did have a pool, basketball court and a mini golf course at the campground at the end of the day in Kansas City, Missouri though. Worst thing was we had another 400km the next morning to reach St Louis, Missouri!

The St Louis Gateway Arch

Driving into the city we found ourselves exactly where we wanted, parked right next to the river by the Mississippi river boats, right under the Arch. Made for an easy and fun few hours in St Louis. A beautiful and charming little but still big city.  The Gateway Arch, which symbolises the passage to the west for early American pioneers, is the most amazing sight and absolutely towers over the city and region. Underground right below was also an amazing museum with displays about the history of the westward expansion of America. We took a river cruise on the "Mighty Mississippi", but with a very industrial feel it was not the free-flowing, green, oasis one pictures. Was a stinker of a day, so after the days activities we definitely deserved a stop into the towns local brewpub (Morgan Street Brewery).

Mississippi River Cruise

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