Saturday, August 25, 2012

End of the road, Chicago


The End for us

A sad day for the road trip, the last one! A short mornings drive from our campground in Kankakee, Illinois took us to the heart of Chicago, and to the starting point of Route 66, the end for us. Standing at the beginning sign seems silly but only one month earlier we stood at the End, our beginning, in Santa Monica. The tracks of all those that have traveled this route in the past lay behind us, now along with ours. A journey that strayed far from the original path for those original trans-American travelers. Our journey was full of adventure, discovery and the joys of the heartland of America at its best!

Chicago really impressed us, with a very impressive feel of grandeur walking beneath the towering sky scrapers. With this very famous skyline of gorgeous architecture the towering presence overhead made for a fantastic walking tour that our Lonely Planet book led us on. Taking us on a circuit weaving around tall buildings, elegant or modern, new and old, and under train tracks from decade's past. We also happened to stumble upon the city's memorial day parade with firetrucks, police, military, veterans, school bands, floats and all!

Chicago has a prominent arts scene, although we didn't have time for the Museum of Contemporary Art, the city still gave us great vibes. Nestled amongst the urban jungle were some amazing pieces of art. Our favorite, and most memorable sculpture we have seen yet was the "Bean". Completely amazing, this metallic sculpture reflects you, everyone else and the skyline at every angle and is just simple entertaining. You can walk right underneath it, touch it and as Amy did, take hundreds of photos.
The Bean-Can you spot Thomas?

Thomas at Lake Michigan with Navy Pier behind
 Our walking lead us right out to the shore of lake Michigan, to the very touristy amusement park Navy Pier. At the sight of the extreme holiday congestion there, we opted to just sit and rest by the waters edge taking some respite in the shade of a tree. Looking out over this enormous lake I was completely shocked at the vibrant, milky blue water. And god on a hot day like it wast, all I wanted to do was jump in, but unfortunately there was no where for swimming or paddling though. Chicago is famous for its super deep dish pizza so we couldn't pass on that. But sadly this leads us to the end, off to the airport with 5,500 miles traveled. An unbelievable journey, but we only just scratched the surface.
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