Monday, October 10, 2016

Road Trip out West Day 3: Missouri

Saint Louis
Just a short drive across the Mississippi and we were in St Louis, Missouri and straight over to my favorite landmark ever. The St Louis Arch, called the Gateway Arch, seemingly floating about, towers in its unbelievable simplistic grander. Very meaningful for us on our journey west, we passed through on foot signifying we were onto territory uncharted, symbolically of course, making a new life for ourselves, like the original pioneers. We stepped down the stairs from the arch to the waters of the Mississippi, a position we have stood before. From here we could see that river headed in either direction, and heading to the south all the way to the gulf, about the same distance to the East Coast, the course that we had just tracked over several days, and now we were headed on Westward to our momentary destiny in the Rocky Mountains, a true crossroads on our journey.

To spy on the enemy, from inside the belly of the beast, we headed to the Anheuser-Busch Brewery just north in town. The slower and friendlier pace of the central plains and midwesterners were apparently here, so much so we were able to have a conversation about the RX7 to a friendly passerby while driving round on the city ring road. He was very impressed that  the car had the original engine and had brought us out this far from Connecticut. With a toot and a thumbs up, we parted ways. At the brewery, we were blown away, a completely mind altering experience, coming out with a refreshed and renewed appreciation for the InBev brewing goliath. One just pictures the mass production of generic beverages, but the way the site has retained its heritage and they way they present the whole facility and brewhouse is unparalleled to any brewery I have visited. 

The brewhouse
An ornate brewhouse, with all the shiny stainless steel one could dream of, but with hundred year old decorative embellishments such as chandeliers with hop plants on them. They cellar Budweiser in enormous tanks, however still on wood chips and across the compound, beautifully presented of course, some happy looking clydesdales live to cart around all that beer. To finish it off, they gave us a pint in their beer garden. We could choose any beer from the selection of their domestic brands as well as import beers they brew onsite. A german bock for myself and a Dutch Weisse for Amy. Happy days and off we headed to cross the state of Missouri and into Topeka, Kansas for the night, once again setting up camp in the dark. 

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