Saturday, June 20, 2015

Mr & Mrs John Deverson

Bad Camberg 
This event may well go down in Germany's history as the 'Deverson Invasion of Bad Camberg'. I'm not sure if the sleepy spa town  North of Frankfurt could have really prepared. But as usual, we arrived in a small but strong and colorful grouping, taking up occupation of front lawns and the living rooms of those that invited us and quickly established control over the alcohol supplies and snacks. It's dangerous to invite such a family into your world, but I guess that's what these political weddings are about, settling the peace of two international territories and the bringing together of two kingdoms, that of the Deversons and the Loleits. 

The hospitality of the Loleits was truly exceptional. The setting was idyllic, truly romantic. It was almost unbelievable how much tradition was maintained in this town, a sleepy hamlet where shops closed their doors for a several hour rest at lunch. An easy stroll up the hill led out of town to an amazing view over town and across the the rolling hills of wheat, barley and forest cover. The town centre was gorgeous surrounded with buildings that predate our traceable heritage with its cafes and ice cream shops, all of which will serve you a beer at anytime of the day. 


The Germans play off that they are cool and reserved, but they do love a good party. And being a wedding, there were a good couple. The neighborhood party was  a nerve racking experience for both the non-English speaking Germans and all us non-German speaking Devo's, but some fantastic conversations were completed in the end, I imagine using a lot of hand gestures. I'm not sure if they were expecting a thousand attendees, but it seems like that's how many they had catered for. We gave it a go, but it was even too much food and beer or us to deal with. Falling the day after the bachelor and bachelorettes parties, it was touch and go for some. Let's just say the jerry-cans of beer the night before put me over the edge.

On Monday June 15th, finally the real party we were all there for. We didn't really know what was going on during the ceremony, as they were mainly speaking German, however with some suspicious translations at the end they claimed John and Kathrin were married. It was a truly fantastic setting in the historic chapel. The entire event had been preceded with the pre-wedding photos taken up atop the town at the church. Followed was an entertaining night with some more suspicious but sublimely entertaining speeches. Congratulations to John and the newly titled 'Ked'.

What an awesome week, you couldn't ask for more. Well done to the Loleits for putting on such an occasion and well done for dealing with the Deverson clan.
The Deversons

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  1. Congratulations to all involved indeed. The Loleits put on a very good show, and it was a really nice wedding and a wonderful town. Wish we could have been there for more of the family entertaining before.