Monday, October 5, 2015

Crazy Mountain Rye Pale Ale

Thomas' creation, Thomas' design, Thomas' baby 

The best part about working at Wigram Brewing Company was the true opportunity I have had to play a large role in how the company takes direction over the near future. I found myself as the third in charge, as there is only three of us. The learning I experienced goes far beyond just brewing practices. I took over a part time sales role and had established several new customers, aiming more for the younger hip bar scene, where Paul the owner has successfully utilised my endless passion for craft beer. I have established a presence in social media and have pushed the idea of creating a new vibe for the business.

Sparging Crazy Mountain Rye in the Mash Tun.

My main driver to create this buzz was getting some new beer in the line up. Paul was easily convinced over my Rye Pale Ale and I brewed a 600L batch of it to be released at the Great Kiwi Beer Festival in March. I also wanted to test the grounds at dispensing the beer via nitrogen rather than the traditional carbon dioxide. We did this at the beer fest despite it pouring a tad foamy. Fair try for the first attempt. 

From Avenues Magazine, Thomas pouring the first Crazy Mountain Rye

Now we have installed a Nitro beer tap at our favorite beer bar, the Volstead Trading Co. on Riccarton Road and the first beer to be dispensed was our Crazy Mountain Rye. This was received with much excitement, as it's the first Nitro tap dispensing craft beer in Christchurch. Having already established a solid following since being dispensed on the traditional hand pump, it's quite amazing that the one beer served on the three different formats: CO2, Nitro and hand pump shines in each it's unique ways. I will drink any of them any day, everyday!

One of my arty Facebook posts, kegs loads of Crazy Mountain Rye.

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