Saturday, May 30, 2015

A New York Stopover

The Intrepid Museum
Seeing as John and Kathrin scheduled their wedding on the other side of the world, we were forced on a round the world trip. A quick trip to the travel agents and 5 thousand dollars later, we had it all set in stone. First stop NYC. Helping us cover our cost, we got some Mexicans to sub-let our room in Christchurch  for 2 months, meaning for the first time while traveling, Amy and I would be able to eat on a daily basis. Amy jetted off a few weeks earlier to spend some extra time with her family and be present for her nephews 1st birthday. I crashed at my mate Simon's house and continued to brew beer and use that as a trade for rent on the couch. 

Although we have both now spent much time in Stamford, and thus a close proximity to NYC, we have somehow failed to make it to one of the main attractions, the USS Intrepid Museum, located on the retired U.S. aircraft carrier the USS Intrepid. On strict instructions from my uncle Edward, I was to find a F8 Crusader. That I did, along with almost every other plane I admired, or had constructed models of as a child. It was a really awesome experience. Firstly, being set on an aircraft carrier, right under the New York skyline, and then being just littered with the coolest planes around. Standing under a SR-71 Blackhawk and my eternally favorite F14 Tomcat was my highlight of the day. We even climbed to the bridge and wandered amongst the interior of the ship. Outside there was even a submarine to explore as well!

Amy in the bridge
With Amy's hometown being so conveniently located to NYC just a short train ride or drive away, there really is not reason to take advantage of it. It truly is just the most stark contrast of life that I could imagine, so from time to time this place can become an adventure and experience we are so lucky to be able to enjoy. We doubled up on NYC this trip and made an additional family trip in with the Sierpina's and the Landry's. We walked 'The Highline', which I believe is New York's best attraction and its free! Walking through history, wildflowers and peering into the backyards and windows of those buildings that surround it, is just great. Followed by a  bit to eat and a some beer while Diane and Shannon enjoyed their birthday present from all of us, of a Broadway show. One thing that always surprises me is how weather extremes can just pop up whenever in America. A perfectly nice day transformed into the heaviest torrential downpour lasting about 30 minutes.

We enjoyed ourselves in Stamford too, catching up with some friends, consuming fantastic craft beer, and even spending some evenings on the beach. We exposed Amy's grandma to the brilliance of fresh scones with cream, and we enjoyed some authentic American cook-outs in the backyard. We left some things behind in Stamford, and packed some smaller bags to take on the rest of our round the world trip. Next stop- the U.K.

Thomas and NYC from the Highline 

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