Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Life back in NZ

Back in NZ

It was a bit of a last minute shock for both Amy and I when we had to swiftly book a departing flight for me back to New Zealand. We no realistic visa option for us to apply for and with only days remaining on my current visa, the decision was made for us. So once again there I was commuting across the globe with all my possessions in-tow. This now including my Stand Up Paddle board.

I made it back to the familiar Christchurch on a gloomy day. Fish and chips and a trip to New Brighton was in order right off the 27 hour journey. I tell you what, I have never felt so confused in my life. Such a dramatic transition from normal life in America with my fiancee, to being back in NZ all on my own.

I occupied and entertained myself by visiting friends and keeping busy. I jumped up to Mt. Hutt for a day snowboarding with my mate Andrew, and I took Gran out to dinner at Cassel's and Sons, treated by Amy's grandfather.

I headed down south to Queenstown to hang out with John, do some snowboarding and coincidentally be Kel's carer after her accident. I enjoyed being in the company of family and Queenstown turned it on with a month straight of sunny days. Not great for the snowboarding, but fantastic for other activities. We did hit up the mountain a few days. I didn't have a pass, so I just hiked up to the terrain park and would walk laps of the jumps and rails. But I was most stoked to get out playing disc golf. I loved the new course at Tucker Beach on the side of the Shotover River and while there did an Ice Bucket Challenge in the river. I took a nice mountain bike out to Arrowtown as well, and had some good walks round into town and round the lake. We all cruised for a few drives, one to Glenorcy for a game of golf (real golf) and a milkshake, and out to The Fork and Tap in Arrowtown for some pints and bites.

A string of job offers led me back to Christchurch where I have now set myself up in a sleep-out room in a big flat in Fendalton. I have embraced a slice of normality taking a team leader position landscaping. Ute and smartphone and all. I am enjoying work, good hard stuff that it is, but I do hold some authority so I can delegate wisely.

So I have been busy spending my salary on craft ales and water sport toys. I get out and about every week night just keeping busy till Amy arrives. I play a lot of evening golf at Hagley, I went to my first BBQ of Summer, I always get out on my bike, even up mountain biking in the Port hills this weekend. I've got out to Sumner on my SUP and actually caught some good water on it. Played my first round of disc golf at the Jelly Park course and I have committed to learning and mastering windsurfing, having a slow but successful first outing on the estuary. As usual I have been enjoying cooking and eating mostly vegetarian food and entertaining my ears with good bass music.

Lastly, I participated in the first Christchurch Parkrun in North Hagley Park. I bettered my time each run getting into the low 20 minutes winning my age category and finishing in the top 10. I would say my lifestyle is "active" and I'm loving it. Just really need my darling fiancee Amy back in my life ASAP.

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