Friday, April 11, 2014

Monetzuma & Santa Teresa

Picture perfect Montezuma
The triple waterfall, with pools at each level.

Getting back to the Pacific Coast, we were looking forward to some beautiful beaches and good waves. We got that and more, meeting a cool bunch of people from all over the world to spend our week with. Randomly meeting these guys at the waterfall on our fist day in Montezuma, the Australian quickly heard my accent. He was keen to chat as he had been hanging with a South African and they only needed a kiwi to complete their Tri-Nations. They were also traveling with a Canadian guy and a Belgian girl, making us a sort of United Nations. So the following day, all of us, minus the Aussie-who continued on to meet his sister, traveled together in the back of some Tico guy's van over to Santa Teresa and spent our time surfing, hanging in the sun and the sorts.

The colourful Montezuma
Still in Montezuma, we took a backpackers with the most idyllic location possible and for $20 a night for a private room, it didn't really matter how scody it was. It was literally right on the beach. Montezuma was a colourful place full of colourful characters, some people call it Montefuma. It was peaceful, with a gorgeous beach, clear water, a charming small town centre and distinctive "hippie" vibe. We spent a quick afternoon up at the waterfall, swimming and jumping of the rocks and rope swing. Later in the day we had a chilled evening with our new friends having some beers which included a local homebrewery/nanobrewery called Jungle Brew. Late that evening we watched some Costa Rican style busking with a midnight fire dancing show in town. It was a crowd of people gathered in the middle of the main street with groups of people playing the bongos with a couple of amazing fire dancers which were eating fire, spinning fire and just generally being badass with flames. It was quite an experience.

The beautiful Santa Teresa Beach.
Arriving in Santa Teresa, the five of us got a room to share at the chilled "Tranquilo Backpackers." This stretch of coast runs for many kilometers with small towns dotted along the one dirt road. Right by us we had a surf shop to rent boards, a grocery market and some restaurants and beach side bars and just a few seconds walk across the street were some big powerful and stonking waves. We had an amazing time here with our wee group. We would head early for a surf, then just chill at the beach all day. We bought a whole bunch of fruits of pineapple, watermelon, cantaloupe and mangos which made the most refreshing lunches during our time there. We made communal meals and had the included pancake breakfast and played cards, shared stories and hung out in hammocks in the evening. 

So many Canadians in Costa Rica, but plenty of hammocks to share with them.
The waves were off the hook, and everyone was saying how flat it was and that they are usually so much better. I can't imagine how much better it could be! So, I just spent every moment I could in the water. Between us three guys we had two boards, one longboard and one learner shortboard. I ended up really enjoying riding the longboard, doing so on big waves was something I had never done before but I loved the rides. With decent drops, fast rides and big closeouts, I was in heaven! We got Amy and Barbara (the Belgian) out for a little surf but the waves weren't so friendly for them. 

That's what I am talking about!!! (Try and spot me!)
We just enjoyed meeting these people so much and being able to share our time with them. We love the opportunity traveling gives you to meet new people from all over the world. Each peson with different stories, different opinions and outlooks of life. We may never see them again, or maybe we will, but for those few days, Justin, Daniel and Barbara were our best buds and the memories of just those few days will last a lifetime.

Life doesn't get any better!

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