Sunday, October 20, 2013

Queenstown - The Life

My favourite view in town
Getting into Queenstown from London was nearly a bit of an issue. The snowstorm did cause some dramatic scenery to arrive to though. The snow was right down to lake level and just blanketing every inch of the surroundings. This was absolutely the arrival I had dreamt of. Rocking up to the Rainbow Cabin, our home for the next few months, was a real different experience, but a time I will treasure and look back on with so many good memories.
Keeping warn in the Rainbow Cabin
It was a wicked time being back in Queenstown, mostly to hang out, drink beer and go snowboarding with my bro. It was numbingly cold for the first few weeks, cold like I have ever experienced before. Despite it being only -5°c, much milder than what I experienced in Colorado, there was no escaping this cold in the Rainbow Cabin. With the fire cranking the cabin was good, once it cooled overnight, getting out of my tepid bunk bed was slightly difficult. We partied it up with frisbee golf, homebrew, happy hour and got an epic welcome home party with the opening of the Queenstown Winterfest, with fireworks and a concert on the lake with Dave Dobyn. 
At the top of The Remarks with John
Of course this was the first time I had attempted to snowboard since my incident in Colorado only a few months earlier. I thought I was going to be all good, but I was surprised however how niggly my broken leg still was. So what was I to do about that? Ride through the pain and continue to roll with the theory of 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.' I am happy to announce that my theory was correct. And off we were, a big season of snowboarding ahead, the mountains packed with snow: The Life.

Ready to rock at the Remarks

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