Tuesday, January 22, 2013

When the snow finally came

It had been a dry and unseasonably mild first few months in Avon. With record levels of lack of snow counting back to the existence of the Vail Valley Resorts, aswell on the back of the worst season ever of 2011-12, it was a grim and dreary outlook for the season. The mood about town was of worry and frustration of a potentially worse season than that of last year,  and with day after day of mild temps and sunshine there seemed to be no chance of precipitation on the horizon. All the resorts by this stage were open, but functioning only on man made snow and limited to one or two runs open. This blew down onto tourist numbers with the place just being dead, hotels basically empty and days where I might only send out a handful of rentals. On the back of last season, nobody was heading out here until the snow dramatically improved. And then .....

Its snowing
From skeptical outlooks all of a sudden we were being peltered by snow storm after snow storm. early december till christmas a deluge of snow was being accumulated on the mountains. Corrolating over to snowboarding this mean serious patients and restraint was needed as the fresh fluffy dusting of snow covered a bare rocky mountain surface below. But slowly over the weeks the ski patrol dropped the ropes openning access to the entire mountian and with each oppening a plethora of powder runs of unimaginable propertions were explored and exploited. Best thing yet is only december we still have months more snowboarding and skiing ahead of us.

Stoked for the powder!!!
 Only trouble now is its dried up again. After dealing with temperatures of unimaginable proportions, ranging from daily highs of -10 degrees C to lows of -30 C we were in temperature ranges too cold for snow. Three weeks straight we didn't even get near getting out of below zero temperatures. Now it finally warmed up and it feels like were in the tropics. It been getting to 1 or 2 degrees C around midday and only down to -8 C at night. But still, no snow is in sight!

Gore Range Mountains
But still its can't be a bad day when that is the view we get to look at during a mornings riding down the valley in Vail before heading off to work for the evening. Even if the snow was a bit icy that morning.


  1. Some gorgeous photos. I keep meaning to ask why the photos with the BC logo? Are you friends with the professional photographer or something or can you just add this to your own pics?

  2. Hey Char! So Vail Resorts-who owns nearly every mountain resort in Colorado and few others around North America and the world, have set up this awesome program called Epic Mix. Every person who has a lift ticket, or a season pass in our case, is added to Epic Mix online. So every time we ride a chair lift, it scans our cards and adds information onto this website like-what mountain you were at, which chairlifts you were on, how many vertical feet you have done etc. There are also Epic Mix photographers, who are stationed all over the mountain, usually right on top the chairlifts, and they take free photos! They scan our cards, take our photos, and they automatically upload onto this website! Its pretty sweet, and I'm totally obsessed! I make us take a different picture each time we go up, and they're awesome!!!!