Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Thomas' Home Brewery

It took me a few weeks to get underway, but getting right into full swing at my peak I brewed 60 liters of beer in one week. Amy's mum was very much concerned at all this brewing, worrying she might come home one day and I would have blown up the kitchen. Didn't happen, only occasionally making a little mess. So I continued off right where is was at in New Zealand brewing all grain beers from scratch, formulating my own recipes and approach. First hurdle was purchasing and constructing all the equipment needed. Not too difficult, I bought a kit which contained all the basic bits and just needed to buy a big pot and I cheekily converted a chilli-bin from the garage and production commenced!

Brewing an APA in small pots before I had got my big pot.
Unfortunately there wasn't a home brewer's supply shop in Stamford, closest was 20 miles away in NY. So I have started using a fantastic online site which allows me to access every ingredient and piece of equipment imaginable used to homebrew beer. This has allowed me to brew some really exciting beers.

So far the styles of beer I have brewed are: American Pale Ale, Strawberry Blond, Rye IPA, Milk Stout, Wheat, Black IPA, Nut Brown Ale, British Bitter and a Cream Ale.

Taking temprature in the mash tun.
Nut Brown Ale in the Carboy ready for fermentation.

I have been extremely happy with the beers I have made. With around 20 liters of each of these beers sitting in the basement, I do have alot of beer, just not many people to share it with unfortunately. With many of these styles being very strong in flavour, its been proving a bit much for the average American beer drinker! Following scientific research validating alcohol consumption for cardiovascular wellbeing, I myself have a drink or a few everyday, Amy too does very well to quality control my beers even managing the odd sip of the darker ones, so we are getting through them.

Stoked with my Black IPA


  1. You are way better at beer brewing than your brother. He needs to pracise lots more!

  2. This is just fantastic Thomas. You know after tasting your home brew in NZ I have just been dying to start drinking beer again. I finally got a six-pack of Bittburger Drive 0.00% this weekend and have been OTP the last two nights!

  3. I hear you have competition, Thomas. Louis tells me Rod is making beer. I don't what sort and I don't think the first results have been tasted yet.